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12 Exciting Books on Burgundy Wine for Every Wine Lover

The covers of four books on Burgundy wine: Inside Burgundy, Burgundy Complete, The Wine Book, The 100 Burgundy.

The Burgundy wine region is one of the best in the world for producing high-quality red and white wine, making it a haven for those seeking fine wine options. With its various terroirs, each creating different wine characters and ranges, it’s clear how this region has become renowned for its wine. Because of these factors, Burgundy has become a top destination for wine lovers from all corners of the world.

Both the serious wine lover and the less serious wine lover can benefit from reading Burgundy books before visiting the wine region, as it will help you appreciate the area more while tasting local wines. Whether planning a self-guided tour of Burgundy or booking a Burgundy wine tour with a professional guide, this list of books on Burgundy wine will ensure you’re heading to the region with an excellent knowledge base.

1. Inside Burgundy

Inside Burgundy by Jasper Morris MW is a must-read for anyone traveling to or interested in traveling to Burgundy. Morris is a Master of Wine and a wine critic/writer with previous experience as a wine merchant. Using his expertise in Burgundy, Morris has crafted a book that details the vineyards, people, and the local wine. The first edition version included 656 pages of 1,000 vineyards with detailed maps.

The updated version (second edition) released in 2021 has been expanded to include additional vineyards (specifically in more affordable regions like Chablis), wine villages, and revised maps of the vineyards/villages. Both versions dive into the vineyards, providing information such as the owners of each vineyard, the quality of the wines, and more.

2. Wine Folly

This book is a well-rounded option for those who want to learn about Burgundy’s wines and then some. It allows those new to wine or those wanting to expand their knowledge to learn about it in an easy-to-understand manner. Wine Folly notes information like the best wine regions (with detailed maps), food and wine pairings, tasting notes, tips, and a section on wine color-coded by variety. Additionally, readers will find notes on wine classification and labeling for wines in top wine-producing countries, like France. This book is an invaluable starting point for wine drinkers interested in European wines.

3. The Wines of Burgundy

Clive Coates M.W. is another Master of Wine who has spent 30 years of his life in Burgundy. He created this comprehensive Burgundy wine guidebook using his expertise of the area. In the book, you’ll find detailed notes on the local vineyards, top wineries, and tasting notes. It dives into Burgundy vintages between 1959 and 2006, focusing on the most well-known bottles. In this coffee table book, readers will learn more about grape vine growing and vinification.

4. Burgundy: Complete (Guides to Wines and Top Vineyards)

This guide is one of the top books on Burgundy wine. It is split into two parts for easier reading. The guide’s first section discusses the regions in detail, noting the range and terrior from the specific regions. The second section of this book delves into the wine producers themselves, including how they interpret the characteristics of the wine in their region.

Additionally, this guide offers insight into which varieties are grown in various areas of Burgundy, the geographical characteristics of the regions, current wine trends, and wine recommendations (for reference) from each region. The book includes terrain and road maps, along with color images of the vineyards.

Details on producers include notes on large winemakers along with smaller, family-owned vineyards. The 2023 version of this guide features 600 new wine creators, allowing readers to discover the best wines of Burgundy and the top producers.

5. The Finest Wines of Burgundy

The Finest Wines of Burgundy explores the Cote-d’Or region in depth, including details on top producers in the area. Additionally, readers will find key notes on Burgundy, from the grapes grown in the ground to the available wines in the region. Notes on the wine in Burgundy from the author are included, such as his perception of the old/young wines, the quality of the wines, their taste, etc.

Other details in this book include notes on the domains of Burgundy, including where to find more affordable wines, scenic walks, and other must-see spots in the region, all personally visited by the author.

6. Cote d’Or: The Wines and Winemakers of the Heart of Burgundy

The Côte d’Or is a small area split into two areas – the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune. Covering a 30-mile stretch of vineyards, this area is among the most influential in the wine world. Here, some of the most expensive wines are produced. In this book, Raymond Blake explores the Côte d’Or area in depth, from its rich wine history to the weather and geology that help create the influential Côte d’Or wines known worldwide.

Within the book, Blake also discusses multiple top producers in the area, offering his opinion on each producer mentioned. He also explores what the future of wine could look like for Côte d’Or based on the current challenges faced by winemakers (like extreme weather). This is one of the best wine books for those interested in the impact of specific Burgundy wines on the wine industry.

7. The Essential Wine Book: A Modern Guide To The Changing World Of Wine

The Essential Wine Book is a must-read for anyone interested in gaining more knowledge on the current great wines and wine regions. Readers will find information on up-and-coming wine-producing areas like Santa Rita Hills in this book. It also mentions areas like Burgundy, offering options for affordable French wines from France.

This book includes easy-to-follow region highlights, which note must-try producers and wines in each area. Additionally, notes on wine tasting, tips, and advice are included, making this a well-rounded book for wine enthusiasts. It’s also an excellent gift for fellow wine lovers.

Close up image of map of France and Spain.
Close up image of map of France and Spain. | Source: Photo by Ian on Unsplash

If you don’t want to read multiple books on Burgundy, you can find everything about the wine region in this comprehensive guide. It’s written by Robert M. Parker, one of the most influential wine critics worldwide. In this guide, readers will find a detailed analysis of the appellations, the producers, the available wines in the region, and the tasting notes of the wines.

Parker discusses the top red and white wines in the book using his controversial 100-point system. Along with Parker’s analysis of the region and its wines are detailed color maps of the appellations, which show every available vineyard.

9. Big Macs & Burgundy: Wine Pairings for the Real World

This wine book is a great, less serious option for wine lovers. It’s made an appearance on shows like CBS This Morningand The Today Show. It’s also been named “One of the best books of the year” by multiple publications, including Town & Country and Saveur.

Inside Big Macs & Burgundy, readers will find fun pairings for wines, such as Cheetohs and Sancerre. It allows the average wine drinker a way to enjoy comfort foods with great wines. Between exciting wine pairings, including an option to go with General Tso’s chicken, one of the authors, Vanessa Price, offers funny, personal experiences in the wine industry. These stories help keep the book light, making this a great choice for readers who want a quick, easy read.

10. The 100 Burgundy: Exceptional Wines to Build a Dream Cellar

The 100 Burgundy: Exceptional Wines to Build a Dream Cellar is another book exploring the region’s top wines. It focuses on the Côte d’Or area, noting top domains and producers. Every wine mentioned has detailed tasting notes, making it easier for wine lovers and those new to wine to learn about the best options in the region. Readers will also find details on each wine producer’s vineyard, such as whether they use herbicides. Additionally, each winemaker’s contact information (such as their address) is included, so readers can easily find the noted wines.

11. Burgundy Wine: The Histories and Top Vineyards of the Most Prestigious Wine Region in the World

If you’re looking for books on Burgundy wine that explore the area’s history more indepth, this book is a must-read. Wines crafted in Burgundy are known as complex wines, which exhibit an elegant feel and ability to age well. Because of their unique history and qualities, many find Burgundy wines interesting to learn about.

In this book, readers can delve into everything Burgundy wine-related, from the wine region’s history to the winemaking techniques used for some of the most prestigious wines in the world. The book also covers food pairings, the region’s geographical impact on grapes, and Burgundy’s best vineyards/wines.

12. The Road to Burgundy: The Unlikely Story of an American Making Wine and a New Life in France

The Road to Burgundy is a memoir about Ray Walker, an American who left his finance career to move to France and start a winery. A wine-tasting vacation spurred the move, leading him to a new career in a relatively unfamiliar country. He had little experience with the language, no previous experience creating wine, and minimal funds.

Once in France, Walker dives into creating wine in Burgundy, unsure whether his efforts will lead to wine grapes that can be harvested. He succeeds in growing grapes during his first harvest, leading him to produce Le Chambertin and generic grapes, a true feat.

This book explores what it looks like to follow your passion, even though it may require large risks and sacrifices. It’s an inspiring read for wine lovers and those unsure of their life purpose.


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