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A Historical Timeline of Wine Tourism

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Today wine is exported all around the world, and there are more wine lovers spread across the planet than ever before. And with this increase of wine exportation and wine lovers, wine tourism has risen to become a significant part of many local economies. Here is a look how wine tourism has changed and grown throughout the years.

  • 3000 BC - The tomb of King Scorpion I in Abydos is believed to have been built

    Wine was a common beverage for the wealthy elites in Ancient Egypt. Obelisks, papyri, sculptures, and vibrantly colored, extremely evocative tomb paintings all feature images of wine and wine manufacturing. King Scorpion I was an early example of an oenophile (wine enthusiast). His tomb in Abydos (about 3150 BCE) held 700 hundred jars of wine …

    The tomb of King Scorpion I in Abydos is believed to have been built Read More »

  • 370 BC - The Derveni Krater

    In Ancient Greece wine a krater was a large, ornately decorated vase used to dilute wine with water before consumption. The Derveni Krater, one of the most ornate kraters discovered, was found in a tomb at Derveni, not far from Thessaloniki, in 1962. It is thought to have been created in Athens and dates to …

    The Derveni Krater Read More »

  • 1192 AD - The Commandaria Wine Route dates back to 1192 AD

    The Commandaria Wine Route through the famous sweet wine region of Cyprus has been traversed since 1192 AD, when the knights of St. John were still perfecting this famous wine. The name of the sweet wine, Commandaria comes from “La Grande Commanderie,” the region that is today known as Kolossi, where it was mostly produced. …

    The Commandaria Wine Route dates back to 1192 AD Read More »

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