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Best Lunch Spots in Willamette Valley

Bethel Heights Vineyard

Willamette Valley leads as a premier Pinot Noir producing region in the world. The valley is located at the heart of Oregon, making it renowned place for it landscapes, world-class wines, and fantastic views of the valley. Willamette valley is also known for its abundance in fresh local produce and their commitments to sustainable farming through biodynamic practices. No wonder the Willamette value is home for best lunch spots in Oregon.

Whether you are looking for best wine tasting events or a romantic getaway, you will love the valley and its fascinating landscape. However, one thing you can’t forget is the exquisite lunch spots to be sampled here. Here are some of the best lunch spots in Willamette Valley!

Red Hills Market in Dundee

The best lunch spot is Red Hills Market located at Dundee, Oregon. The place is open daily, regardless of day of the week 8.00 am till 8.00 pm. The spot was opened in 2011 as a “lifelong dream” of Jody & Michelle Kropf, which later become a local inspiration people love to come in their night specials.

Red Hills Market Lunch Spot
Red Hills Market Lunch Spot | source

The spot’s slogan is “local goodness” showcasing their delicacies – whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner – are seasonal local foods made with love. If you are looking for a place filled with love, wine, and kindness, visit Red Hills Market for their amazing lunch.

Anyone in Willamette Valley has nicknamed the place “Cult Sandwich Shop” because of their fantastic wood-fired sandwiches. If you are visiting and feeling adventurous, try out their grilled chicken sandwich or the Rhm Reuben made of house smoked pastrami and gruyere cheese. However, if you are looking for lunch bites, try out their JoJo Potatoes or their amazing Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie.

Red Hills Market Sandwiches
Red Hills Market Sandwiches | Source

In hot afternoons, if you are not touring the local vineyards, Red Hills market is a place to relax while enjoying the valley’s atmosphere. They offer big picnic tables for people who want to pick up picnic supplies and few wine bottles to room around the valley.

Red Hills Market is not about the food, snacks, and picnic tables alone, their store has some of the finest boutique gifts in the region. Among these gift offerings, you may find items such as hazelnuts which are valuable in Willamette values as the Hazelnut produced second to Turkey.

If you are planning a tour to Oregon region and its vineyards, visit  Red Hills Market and discover their  Portland Roasted Coffee which makes the market a one-stop destination for visitors looking for gifts and Willamette’s collectibles.

Horse Radish in Carlton

The Horse Radish in Carlton is another great lunch spot in the Willamette Valley. The restaurant was started in 2007 and it has been operating for 7 days a week with changing timeframes. However, if you are touring vineyards in Carrlton side, in Oregon, the Horse Radish is a place not to miss. However, little it is, it is a home for wide delicious selection of sandwiches and local soups.

If you are looking for something heavy, try out their pastrami sandwich served with freshly baked bread. However, if you are looking for a bite, grilled cheese with tomatoes soups is a classic local combination you will enjoy.

Horse Radish in Carlton Burger
Horse Radish in Carlton, pastrami sandwich with Tomato soup | Source

Whether you are visiting Carlton, or looking for a place to relax in a hot afternoon, The Horse Radish is a place to be for a warm  and satisfying lunch in Willamette valley.

Park and Main in Carlton

The Park and Main in another great lunch spot in Carlton that won’t disappoint you. The place is owned by Native Oreganos so you can be sure they understand the culture and seasonality of the region. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor passing through, there is a variety of options for your lunch delicacies.

The spot offers a mouthwatering pizzas, fresh salads, and sandwiches to satisfy everyone’s cravings   in a hot afternoon. In a hot afternoon after touring local vineyards, pass through the spot and get a classic pepperoni pie packed with seasonal organics veggies from the region. And the best part?

Part and Main Pizza with local salads
ParK and Main Pizza with local salads | Source

At park and main lunch spot, each of the eateries has an attached ice cream shot making it perfect place for a hot afternoon to cool your tooth after a satisfying meal or pizza bites. The ice cream selections range from vanilla beans to decent chocolate sundaes with endless combinations.

Part and Main Ice Cream
ParK and Main Ice Cream

When you are vising Calton, Park and Main is not a place to miss!

Trellis in Dundee

Trellis Dundee is another lunch spot with similar features. Trellis is known for its delicious burgers which makes it ideal for burger enthusiasts visiting the local vineyards. Therefore, if you are visiting the local vineyards in hot summers, a Trellis burger is a perfect spot for a  juicy and flavour packed burger.

Trellis Dundee Lunch Tables
Trellis Dundee Lunch Tables | Source

The best part is the restaurant has large wine list and they offer perfect pairing if you would like a glass of wine with your meals. Whether you want bold red or crisp white, Trellis offers wine that match everyone’s plate.

The Newbegundian in Newberg

The Newbegundian in Newberg is another must-visit lunch spot for individuals looking for restaurant offering a combination of new England and Oregonian delicacies. The spot has limited exterior spots but their interior is cozy and inviting due to large wooden finishings with large windows for natural lights.

If you are looking for lunch made from healthy and natural foods, Newbegundian in Newberg is a place to be. Their lunches chicken, cheese beacons, and Reubens, are made from fresh local ingredients, making it an idea lunch spot for families visiting Oregon.

Bonus: Wineries Where You Can Do Lunch

Domaine Willamette

Domaine Willamette is known for its exceptional wines such as the Oregon Pinot Noir. However, the vineyard is known for it burgers which are known to be the best in town. Further, the winery is located at heart of Willamette valley making it idea for individuals who want lunch with a view.

Domaine Willamette Winery Outdoor Sitting Place
Domaine Willamette Winery Outdoor Sitting Place | Source

If you are looking for a spot with great view of vineyards and mountains, as you enjoy a piece of burger with a glass of tasting wine in your hand, Domaine Willamette is a place to be – whether for a wine enthusiast or simply a food lover

Soter Winery

Soter Winery is a world-class vineyard known for their Biodynamic winery practices. However, they are also known for their winemaking lunch experiences making it idea for wine enthusiast who want to have a whole taste of the Soter Winery vineyards.

Soter Winery Lunch/Tasting Table
Soter Winery Lunch/Tasting Table | Source

From the moment you enter the wine testing room, you are greeted by an aroma is fresh prepared dishes. And the best part? You can enjoy you lunch while looking at the fantastic view of Willamette valley creating a serene and breathtaking atmosphere.

Brooks Wines

While talking of Willamette valley, Brooks Wines,  Located in the Eola-Amity AVA, has to get its recognition for having a fantastic lunch experience. The winery has been named best in the United States and among top 50 best vineyards in the world.

Brooks wine view
Brooks Wine View of the Valley’s Vineyard | Source

Brooks Wines is ideal for wine enthusiasts looking for unforgettable experiences with a world-class winery. They have the best pan-seared airline chines combined with cream mushroom and mashed potatoes. 

Brooks wine meal
Brooks Wine: Pan-seared airline chicken | Source

If you are looking for a sip of award-winning wines while eating farm-to-table dishes, you can not miss a visit to Brook Wines. Get to learn more about how they became a top 50 vineyard in the world, their farming practices, and their unique craft of setting their helping their terroir stand out. 

Above all, perhaps it time to rate their lunches too which starts with booking a table!

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