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Jancis Robinson

Jancis Robinson: A Journey through the World of Wine

Jancis Robinson, a prominent figure in the world of wine left an indelible mark through her extensive career as a wine critic, journalist, and writer. Born on April 22, 1950, in Carlisle, Cumbria, Robinson’s passion for wine has made her one of the most respected

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Hugh Johnson

Hugh Johnson: A Storied Journey through Wine and Gardens

Hugh Eric Allan Johnson OBE is an English editor, author, journalist and a wine expert who is considered among the best-selling wine writers globally. Born on March 10, 1939, in London, Johnson’s multifaceted career spans journalism, writing, and horticulture[1]. This in-depth blog post evaluates his

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Jean-Charles Boisset

Jean-Charles Boisset: Crafting Dreams in Every Bottle

The world of wine has its share of illustrious personalities, but few can match the enigmatic spirit and innovative prowess of Jean-Charles Boisset. Born in 1969, this French vintner has not only upheld his family’s viticultural legacy but has also carved a distinctive path in

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The 2020 Lost Vintage: Willamette Valley Fires & Wine Impact

2020 is associated with the pandemic and a worldwide shutdown. It’s also the year when the Willamette Valley fires occurred, leading to many vintners, vineyards, and wine grapes being affected by the smoke. In fact, the smoke from the wildfires impacted most of the area’s winemakers. According to

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