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Domaine Drouhin in the Dundee Hills AVA

Wine History Timeline of the Willamette Valley

After months of travel down the Oregon Trail, early settlers finally arrived at a big, verdant valley with dense forests and expansive meadows. This valley was blessed with good land, a temperate climate, and an abundance of water. The Willamette Valley is currently Oregon’s largest

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Wine vacation celebration

Wine and Weather: A Key Factor in Wine Production

Weather’s Impact on Fine Wine When it comes to wine-making, the weather plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the final product. From sunlight and temperature to wind and rainfall, a wide range of climatic factors can affect the grapes and ultimately, the

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David Lett: “Papa Pinot”

David Lett: “Papa Pinot”

Willamette Valley’s David Lett David Lett, also known as “Papa Pinot,” was a pioneer of the Oregon wine industry. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the state’s wine history. His work with Pinot Noir and other varietals helped to

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Dick Erath's wine

Dick Erath: An Oregon Legend

Willamette Valley’s Dick Erath Dick Erath’s contributions to the Oregon wine industry were numerous and profound. In the 1960s, he was  actually working in the California wine industry. It was during his time in California that he became interested in Pinot Noir, a grape variety

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glass of red wine

Winemaking Terms and Their Meaning

The Language of Wine The wine industry is a fascinating world with a rich vocabulary. From grape varieties to winemaking techniques, there are many words and terms to learn. Below is a list of some of the must-know wine words in the industry. Wine Grape

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Image Of Wine Grape

David Adelsheim and Oregon’s Wine Industry

Willamette Valley’s David Adelsheim David Adelsheim is a prominent figure in Oregon’s wine industry. He founded Adelsheim Vineyard, one of the oldest and well known wineries in Oregon. Through his work, Adelsheim helped lay the framework for the now thriving wine industry in Oregon.  Early

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Top Pinot Noir Growing Countries

Top Pinot Noir Growing Countries

Top Pinot Noir Countries Pinot Noir, one of the world’s most well known wine grapes, is grown in almost every wine producing country. Regardless of how widespread Pinot Noir is there are still certain Pinot growing countries known for producing the best examples of the grape.

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