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The Ten Most Unique Places in the World to Taste Wine

Sip by Sip: The Evolution of Wine Tasting Rituals

Wine tasting rituals are an integral component of the vinicultural experience, and have evolved over the years to embrace both the cultural traditions of old and the ever-developing innovations of technological advancements. From the ancient Greeks offering libations to their gods to futuristic sommeliers aided

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Oak barrels for medieval wine article

Casks and Kings: Wine in the Medieval Era

Wine in the Medieval Era was ubiquitous. In a world marked by feudalism, chivalry, and religious fervor, the medieval era stands as a fascinating period of transition and growth. The appreciation for wine was widespread and boasted an unparalleled importance in society. In this comprehensive

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Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

Maresh: An Oregon Original

The Legacy of Jim Maresh in Oregon’s Wine Industry Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley lies the legacy of a true Oregon pioneer: Jim Maresh, an Oregon original. A visionary in the wine industry, Jim has not only made a lasting impact on

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Saffron Fields Vineyard at night

The Best Vineyard Views in Willamette Valley

A View From the Top: Best Winery Views in Willamette Valley  The picturesque Willamette Valley, Oregon is considered among the top fine wine regions in the world. It is also known to have beautiful landscapes where vineyards are located. The Willamette Valley winery views take

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The Overlooked Wine Of Piemonte

The Rich Geographical History of Italy’s Wine Regions

Italy, a land known for its rich cultural heritage, artistic genius, and culinary delights, is also home to the world’s most diverse and storied wine regions. With centuries of historical grape cultivation that dates back to the Etruscan civilization, understanding the geographical history and distinctive

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basket full of wine corks

Wine Country Gift Baskets and Wine Gift Bag Ideas

Wine Basket Ideas for Creating Your Special Wine Lover Gift   Whether a care package, Father’s Day gift, Christmas wine box, or gift for another special occasion, we love helping people think through wine country gift baskets! The items below are our favorites (usually with

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Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore

How to Plan Your Italian Wine Vacation

If you’ve ever daydreamed about sipping Chianti while gazing at rolling hills studded with cypress trees or savoring a glass of Barolo in an ancient fairytale-like village, then an Italian wine vacation may be just what you need. Italy is a veritable treasure trove for

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Vineyards in North Willamette Valley

Oregon Wine Statistics 2023

Oregon Wine Stats (2022 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report) The 2023 edition of the Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report based on the year 2022 by the Institute for Policy Research and Engagement at the University of Oregon is out with lots of fun Oregon Wine

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Wine bottle questions and answers

How many wine glasses in a bottle?

Wine By the Numbers We’ve got your wine by the numbers questions answered! Have you ever wondered how many wine glasses are in a bottle? how many cases of wine are in an oak barrel? or (one of our favorites) how many calories are in

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Swiss vineyards with lake view

A History of Wine in Switzerland

Switzerland may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking about wine, yet this small landlocked nation in the heart of Europe boasts a rich and diverse wine-producing heritage. Aided by its unique landscape, Switzerland has cultivated a successful wine industry with

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