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A look at some of the more popular wine varieties. Our favorite is Pinot noir, but there’s not a single one that we don’t like.

Chardonnay grape

Chardonnay Grape

Chardonnay One of the most common grape varieties in the world, Chardonnay is produced in various ways, from slim, sparkling Blanc de Blancs to rich, creamy white wines matured in oak. Main flavors Yellow apple Carom Pineapple Vanilla Butter  Profile of taste: Dry Body Medium No Tannins Average acidity 5 to 15% ABV How to …

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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir Grape

Pinot Noir Grape Variety Pinot Noir is the 10th highly grown grape variety in the world. Wines made with Pinot Noir have cultivated a large following of hardcore wine lovers. Pinot Noir is the greatest widely held light-bodied red wine in the world. It is appreciated for its aromas of red fruits, flowers, and spices, …

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