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Top 10 Elevated Tasting Opportunities in Willamette Valley

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Looking for a Willamette Valley elevated tasting experience?

Who doesn’t want to go to the best tasting rooms in the Willamette Valley?

The direct-to-consumer motor fuel for the wine industry is the tasting room experience. Because wineries may sell their bottles for the desired price rather than at a significant discount, which is what must be done for merchants and restaurants; direct-to-consumer (DTC) commerce is the most lucrative sort of company. However, as wineries multiply across the country, the tasting room, which previously felt special and exclusive, is becoming more widespread. As a result, estates all across the world are devising strategies to prevent their DTC fuel from further becoming diluted. The following are our top ten elevated tasting experiences in Willamette Valley.

  1. Soter Vineyards

Tony and Michelle Soter, native Oregonians, founded Soter Vineyards in 1997 after Tony’s illustrious career as a consulting winemaker, organic farmer, and founder of Etude in Napa, California. In the center of Oregon’s wine region, Soter Vineyards is based at Mineral Springs Ranch, a biodynamic farm and vineyard. Today, Tony continues Michelle’s legacy by adhering unwaveringly to their principles of farming, winemaking, and sustainability.

The winery has special offers for your wine tour experience, which might come at a higher price. The following are some of the special offers that create an elevated wine tour experience: Adelsheim tour Guide, Anniversary Package, Birthday Package, Classic Romance Package, and Free Wine Tasting For Inn Guests among others. Chef de cuisine at Soter, Clayton Allen, says he enjoys experimenting with seasonal flavors and is especially excited about the chance to mix food with the sparkling wines made by Soter. Soter is tops on our list for their high-end elevated tasting experiences.

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  1. Antica Terra Winery

The Eola-Amity Hills AVA’s steep, rocky soils are home to the Oregon winery Antica Terra. Although Chardonnay and Roussanne are also included, its portfolio is mostly composed of various expressions of Pinot Noir. From grower Champagne and Grand cru Burgundy to niche bottlings made from rare, indigenous grapes and from winemakers using cutting-edge methods to push the boundaries of flavor, the tasting can span a wide range. Antica Terra provides wine-tasting lunches as a Willamette Valley elevated experience that has been one of our client’s favorites!

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  1. Domaine Divio Winery


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Bruno Corneaux uses his traditional Burgundian winemaking techniques to make Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at Domaine Divio. The wines highlight the sophistication and depth of their Willamette Valley grapes, which were attained with minimal intervention and sustainability with respect for the land. Visit the tasting room to try Oregon wines in a Burgundian style and to learn about the stunning surroundings of the Ribbon Ridge AVA. The “Sniffy Sniff Sessions” was a series of videos Bruno made in 2020 when he thoroughly examined each wine produced by Domaine Divio and its corresponding vineyard source. Among its elevated tasting experience is a Northwest barn-style tasting room tour that offers a unique experience. Upon request, they will provide a dedicated server with some of the best Charcuterie in the valley (side note: one of our daughters puts these together!) for a Willamette Valley elevated tasting experience.

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  1. Beaux Freres

The Beaux Frères Winery has produced several award-winning pinot noirs using the rich soil of a former pig farm close to Newberg and biodynamic farming techniques. The winery offers wine tasting and an educational wine tour to allow you to understand how and what makes their wines. The majority of wine tourists praise this winery for its friendliness. As one reviewer pointed out, “Personalized menus and a friendly, informed host welcomed us. There is a clear passion for what they do.” A fascinating presentation of their story is combined with extensive local knowledge. The wines are excellent but very expensive. At the end of their stay, visitors can enjoy meeting the pigs (as Beaux Freres was originally a pig farm when purchased by Mike Etzel).

Their tasting area is freezing. It is at cellar temperature, which is roughly 55 degrees Fahrenheit, in the center of the winery. The unique educational tour and the cellar sampling experience are what elevate the wine-tasting experience. Make sure to ask them for an elevated tasting experience to get the vineyard tour and possibly peak through their cellar room.

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  1. Winderlea Winery

Known for its small-batch Oregon Pinot noir and Chardonnay production, Winderlea is a boutique winery. Wines that are exquisite, seductive, and age-worthy are made for those who believe that drinking wine with food is crucial to their enjoyment and well-being. Their primary goal is to produce Pinot noir and Chardonnay in small lots that best reflect the unique qualities of each vineyard. Their food-friendly wines are classic in style and are handmade with minimal intervention and the moderate use of new French oak barrels, which is what provides the heightened wine-tasting experience. Winderlea’s hospitality means they are one of our favorite Willamette Valley tasting room experiences. For an elevated tasting experience, make sure to look for the Grape to Glass or Vineyard Hike, which are both offered during summer months.

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  1. Domaine Serene

Visit Domaine Serene’s stunning tasting room for the Estate Tasting, a relaxed tasting experience, where you can enjoy a range of their recently released wines while taking in the views of the surrounding vineyards and valleys offered every day in a relaxed setting in the main bar. This is available for $35 per person for 90 minutes. The winery also provides a signature tasting experience at a higher rate.

With a personal Sommelier leading you through a flight of wines with a restricted production in one of the cozy private locations, you can learn more about their history and accomplishments. The Signature Experience is only accessible by invitation or with advanced reservation and is only offered on a limited basis. One annual group Signature Experience is free for Corporate, Gold Eagle, Chevalier d’Or, and Grand Cru Members. Please limit your group size to six people or less. Please be aware that prices after the gratis annual benefit are as follows and a minimum of four people apply: 3,500 Member Rewards Points, which is equivalent to $100 per person, and a tasting fee of $30 to $135, depending on the sampling. This might be one of the most recognized and sought after elevated tasting experiences in Willamette Valley.

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  1. Bergstrom Wine Tasting


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According to Bergström Wines, the Willamette Valley in Oregon is the best place to find New World Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays. Through careful stewardship of vines and wines, it is from this cool climate-promised land that authentic terroir and traditional, noble varietal expression can be found. You won’t want to miss Bergstrom’s private Ekollon experience, which includes a number of pours and pairings as one of our client’s favorite Willamette Valley elevated tasting experiences.

In fact, Bergström Wines might be the top elevated tasting room experience in the Dundee Hills.

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  1. Archery Summit

A-List wine club members receive VIP access to acclaimed winery events, limited-edition wines, and special releases. There is something for every discriminating palette among the three tiers. The Summit, the most prestigious level of the Archery Summit A-List, offers upgraded wine tasting for aficionados looking for limited-edition and cellar-worthy Pinot Noirs. Other benefits include complete-level services, which include all single-vineyard Pinot Noirs as well as very limited releases, and the Ambassadors tier, which offers a variety of advantages that appeal to both novices and experienced Pinot Noir enthusiasts.

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  1. Open Claim Vineyards

A life well lived is celebrated at Open Claim Vineyards. On these 55 special acres in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, they make extraordinary wines and provide visitors with vineyard experiences they won’t soon forget. Small plates are expertly paired at Open Claim Vineyards for one of our favorite tasting experiences in Willamette Valley.

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  1. Flâneur Wines

With every sip, Flâneur Wines strives to produce distinctive and unforgettable Willamette Valley wines that depict time and location. They extend an invitation to all visitors to come and experience the gracious, leisurely life of the flâneur from their estate vineyards in Newberg to the Carlton winery.

Five wines (sparkling, Chardonnay, and a couple of Pinot Noirs) from Flanerie (Ribbon Ridge AVA) and La Belle Promenade, the two estate vineyards, are included in the standard tasting tour offered by Flâneur Wines. You will have a private seat for the tasting either on the patio or within the Carlton Grain Elevator. This 45 to 60-minute tasting usually costs $30 per person, however, it can be eliminated with a qualifying purchase or when you join the wine club. Even though reservations are advised, they try to accept walk-ins when there is room. Every day of the week from 11 am to 5 pm, reservations are accepted; the final seating is at 4 pm.

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