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Oregon Wine Statistics 2023

Vineyards in North Willamette Valley

Oregon Wine Stats (2022 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report)

The 2023 edition of the Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report based on the year 2022 by the Institute for Policy Research and Engagement at the University of Oregon is out with lots of fun Oregon Wine statistical data to process! 

Here are some of our favorite tidbits on Oregon Wine Stats from the report: 

  1. The estimated value of wine grape production in 2022 increased 22% or $58 million to a total of $330 million
  2. Pinot Noir accounts for nearly 60% of Oregon planted acreage corresponding to 57% of wine grape production in the state
  3. The data estimates there are between 35%-40% of planted acreage being in some type of organic or sustainable certification
  4. 3%-5% of case sales were for sparkling wines
  5. Canada accounts for 45% of Oregon’s export sales (wow, that’s a crazy number!)
  6. The Top 3 Export Countries for Oregon wine are:
    1. Canada = 73,323 cases
    2. United Kingdom = 15,479 cases
    3. Japan = 12,856 cases
Grape close-up in the North Willamette Valley representing most planted grape

Willamette Valley Statistics

Looking more closely at Willamette Valley stats, the report indicates that: 

  1. There are 919 wineries in the Willamette Valley as of the 2023 University of Oregon report. The North Willamette Valley represents 79.5% of Willamette Valley wineries 
  2. There are over 1,016 vineyards in the Willamette Valley. 890 vineyards are planted in the North Valley and 126 vineyards are planted in South Willamette Valley. The total number of vineyards in the state of Oregon is 1,467. 
  3. The most expensive varieties by ton in the Willamette Valley are:
    1. Chardonnay
    2. Gamay* (North Willamette Valley only)
    3. Pinot Noir
  4. Grape prices in the South Willamette Valley for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are roughly $400 more per ton than those varieties in the North Willamette Valley (three cheers for Eola-Amity wines!)
  5. Most planted grape varieties: 21,344 acres of Pinot Noir are planted in the Willamette Valley followed by Pinot Gris at 5,022 acres. 
  6. Grape varieties planted in Willamette Valley by total amount of acres:
    1. Pinot Noir = 21,344 
    2. Pinot Gris = 5,022
    3. Chardonnay = 2,588
    4. Syrah = 318
    5. Riesling = 317
    6. Pinto Blanc = 261
    7. Cabernet Sauvignon = 242
    8. Gamay = 196
    9. Tempranillo = 85
    10. Gewurztraminer = 73
    11. Albarino = 56
    12. Viognier = 42
Chardonnay representing the highest growth rate in Willamette Valley plantings
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