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Self-Guided Wine Tour of the Rogue Valley, Oregon

Wine Tour Rogue Valley

The Rogue Valley is a verdant, sun-drenched playground perfect for great restaurants, world-class entertainment, and more. The Rogue Valley wine region successfully grows both cool- and warm- climate varietals giving a wine range of wines to try. It is made up of three separate valleys with progressively warmer microclimates. The Rogue Valley welcomes you to enjoy a glass of wine with everything, including world-class rafting, fishing, hiking, bicycling, and skiing, as well as theater, art, and music. Looking for a more sedate vacation? Try one of many walking roads and trails that lead to expansive areas and breathtaking views. In the Rogue Valley Wine Country, there is an Oregon Wine experience for everyone, with more than 70 different grape varieties planted and as many growers to select from.



The Rogue Valley is bounded by the wild and beautiful Rogue River and its tributaries, the Applegate, Bear Creek, and Illinois Rivers, as well as the convergence of the Cascade, Siskiyou, and Coastal mountain ranges. It is located about 75 miles from the Oregon coast and 50 miles from Crater Lake, the state’s only national park. With nightly lows falling as low as 70°F as a result of these moderating factors, the diurnal cycle is drastically altered, protecting the grape’s acid balance and delaying the ripening season for better flavor development.

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An Overview of Rogue, OregonThe Rogue Valley is a Southwest Oregon wine region. The valley serves as the cultural and economic center of Southern Oregon close to the California border. It is situated along the middle Rogue River and its tributaries in Josephine and Jackson counties. Within the Rogue Valley, Medford, Ashland, and Grants Pass are three major cities. The Rogue Valley wine region is most populous not along the Rogue River itself, but along the smaller Bear Creek branch. Oregon’s Rogue Valley is a well-liked fall vacation spot due to the region’s hardwood forests.

The Rogue Valley is located where the Klamath, Coastal, and Cascade mountain ranges meet, creating an amazing view for visitors. As the highest elevation for grape farming in Oregon, it has a special characteristic. The vineyards in the Rogue Valley are often located on the region’s rocky hillsides rather than the valley floor and are planted at elevations of 1,200 to 2,000 feet. With the Rogue valley offering a unique experience, it should be on every wine lover’s must-visit list.

What is the Best Time to Visit Rogue, Oregon

One of the best times to visit is the middle of August to September. Not only is this the grape harvest time, but it’s also the time of year you are most likely to see bears. You can combine wine tasting with other activities if you visit the area during this time.


What is the History of Rogue, Oregon

The earliest records of wine production in the Rogue Valley date to the 1840s, when European immigrants started growing grapes and eventually bottling wine. Early pioneer Peter Britt got involved in the grape-growing endeavor in 1852, but it wasn’t until 1873 that he established Valley View Winery, the state’s first legal winery. Prohibition started in 1920 after Valley View closed in 1907 (but the Wisnovsky family revived the moniker in 1972). Winemakers just recently rediscovered the Rogue Valley as a fantastic winegrowing zone, having first done so in 1968 when an Oregon State University professor built an experimental vineyard here. In 2001, Rogue Valley was given formal status.


What are the Subregions of Rogue, Oregon

The only sub-region is the Applegate Valley AVA.

What are the Best Wine Grapes Grown in Rogue, Oregon

The best wines produced in the Rogue Valley are usually from Syrah, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon because of the warmer, more Mediterranean climate, despite the fact that Oregon is best known for Pinot Noir & Chardonnay. Syrah and Tempranillo are the two most common grapes in the region, although Pinot Noir and Chardonnay also grow well here. Along the hillsides, there are microclimates ideal for growing these grapes. The Rogue Valley is home to Irvine and Roberts Vineyards, a modest business that produced the best Chardonnay in the area and wonderfully fresh-tasting Pinot Noir when it was first established in the Willamette Valley.

What are the Historical Sites in Rogue, Oregon 

  1. Grants Pass Museum of Art

The Grants Pass Museum of Art, a non-profit institution, was founded here in 1979. It was one of four art museums in Oregon at the time it was founded.

  1. Historic Jacksonville, Inc.

The 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Historic Jacksonville, Inc. was founded in 2014 with the specific goal of aiding in the preservation of historic buildings connected to Jacksonville, Oregon, by bringing them to life through educational programming, events, and activities.

  1. Medford Railroad Park

This 49-acre lot, which is located at 799 Berrydale Avenue, formerly housed the City’s sewer treatment plant. The spherical concrete settling tank, which serves as storage for a number of the clubs that use the location, is currently surrounded by seven developed acres.


What are the Best Wineries in Rogue, Oregon 

  1. 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery

The wine business in Oregon is booming. The 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery is happy to share its wines with you and teach you about this developing region. You should stop by the winery’s lovely tasting room to sample the finest local wines and take in the breathtaking vistas of the Rogue Valley and the nearby mountains, which range from Mt. Ashland to Wagner Butte.

  1. RoxyAnn Winery

Since 1908, RoxyAnn has owned and run the Hillcrest Orchard Estate. Over 200 acres of the slope, planted vineyards, and fruit orchards are present, of which 70 acres are specifically used to produce the exceptional wine selection of RoxyAnn Winery. The RoxyAnn vineyard strives to offer a distinctively southern Oregon experience by offering value, quality, consistency, and—most importantly—connection—one glass at a time. Each year, they produce over 13,000 cases of award-winning wines.

  1. EdenVale Winery

The vineyard is situated in the most ecologically and biologically diverse region of the United States, in the heart of southern Oregon. Nearby is a renowned theater, plenty of opportunities to view fine arts, mountains, lakes, fishing, and rafting on the Rogue River, along with a breathtaking national park called Crater Lake. One of the most beautiful locations on earth for wine and cider production in Southern Oregon.

Rogue Valley wine, Oregon

Where Should I Eat in Rogue, Oregon

  1. Kriselle Cellars

Visit Kriselle Cellars to sample their acclaimed wines, unwind in their lovely tasting room, and take in the countryside. All four seasons offer stunning vistas from their property.

  1. Cliff Creek Cellars

The Cliff Creek Cellars are committed to creating high-quality, estate-grown wines that will last the test of time, securing local, regional, and national recognition and distribution, and promoting a pleasurable customer experience at all points of contact.


Where Should I Stay in Rogue, Oregon

  1. Best Western Inn at the Rogue

Any tourist will find the Best Western Inn at the Rogue in Grants Pass, Oregon, to be a tranquil and welcoming home away from home. Every Best Western hotel has a free internet connection, allowing visitors to browse the web and check their email from the convenience of their room or the business center. They guarantee a relaxing and productive stay by placing a high focus on cleanliness. Additionally, their outstanding customer service will guarantee that they exceed your expectations and fulfill all of your needs.

  1. Weasku Inn

Weasku Inn will become your special spot because of the inn’s charm, history, and unique features. It is a magical location where life takes a deep breath of rest and relaxation and memories are built. Along the banks of the picturesque Rogue River, this Oregon legend was constructed in 1924. Many famous people from Hollywood, like Clark Gable, Carol Lombard, and Walt Disney, used it as a getaway destination. Country House Inns bought the Weasku Inn in 1993 and started renovating it.

  1. Hummingbird Estate

The historic 1926 property in southern Oregon’s Hummingbird Estate Taste Room, Bed & Breakfast, and Event Venue welcomes visitors to sample wine, unwind in their rooms, and host vineyard weddings on the grounds.

How Can I Save Money in Rogue, Oregon

The best way to save money on a tour in the Rogue Valley is by using online platforms to locate the most suitable and affordable destinations. Be sure to do your research ahead of time, it can be easy to get excited and overspend once you arrive if you haven’t planned where you would like to visit. 


There are many reasons why people adore the Rogue Valley: for the Rogue River’s “Wild and Scenic” stretch that connects Crater Lake to the Pacific; for Mount Ashland skiing, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland; for the developing wine regions of the Rogue, Applegate, and Illinois Valleys; for Medford’s great sports facilities, orchards, and renovated downtown; for the Britt Festivals and Jacksonville’s historic old town; and for the rafting and jetboat rides in Grants Pass, where everyone is aware that “It’s the Climate!”

The Vibe: There is a lot of excitement surrounding Southern Oregon, especially the Rogue Valley wine region, as an upcoming hotspot. A brief stroll through the wineries and tasting rooms reveals a place with a unique identity and abundant untamed beauty.

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