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The Best Vineyard Views in Willamette Valley

Saffron Fields Vineyard at night

A View From the Top: Best Winery Views in Willamette Valley 

The picturesque Willamette Valley, Oregon is considered among the top fine wine regions in the world.

It is also known to have beautiful landscapes where vineyards are located. The Willamette Valley winery views take one’s breath away, ranging from pine trees to oak trees, hazelnut orchards to wheat fields, and rolling hills to patchwork fields.

After driving these vineyards for years, here are our Top 11 Best Winery Views in Willamette Valley.

1. Eminent Domaine | The Majestic View

In 2006, Northwest Wine Company’s CEO Jeff Meader started his own business, known as Eminent Domaine. The funding came from a property in Portland that was reclaimed under eminent domain statues, thus the name Eminent Domaine for the property they purchased with the funds they received under eminent domain law. 

Meader secured excellent fruit on which to base his first release – the remarkable 2007 Hyland Vineyard Pinot Noir – by calling upon his extensive wine world connections and hiring an equally esteemed winemaker to craft the initial harvest.

The label started off with 150 cases of pinot noir in 2006, but after growing rapidly, the first estate vintage was bottled in 2011. A tasting room was opened, and plans for a winery and house next door began in 2016. The family moved into the estate in 2018.

The tasting room and vineyard are situated atop the Ribbon Ridge AVA. It focuses on the production of quality chardonnay and pinot noir, with great hospitality and excellent views.

A Sweeping 270-Degree View of the Coastal Range Atop the Ribbon Ridge at Eminent Domaine

It’s impossible to miss the best view at Eminent Domaine as it is all-encompassing. The tasting room faces the spectacular westward views, and there are ample Adirondack chairs outside to take in the fullness of the experience. The outdoor seeing has umbrellas in the summer and fireplaces in the winter for year-round enjoyment. This might be the best place in the valley to relax and enjoy wine in deep conversation with significant friends. Additionally, the warmth of the staff helps to make the experience memorable. 

Congrats to Eminent Domaine for having the best winery view in the Willamette Valley on our list! 

Eminent Domaine Staff Team
Staff at Eminent Domaine | Source

2. Fairsing Vineyards | The Other Majestic View

Arial view of Fairsing Vineyards one of the best views in Willamette Valley
Arial View of Fairsing

If there could be a mirror image of Eminent Domaine, it would be Fairsing Vineyards. 

Fairsing Vineyards’ unique location faces the opposite direction from Eminent Domain with an Eastern view rather than a Westward view. 

Fairsing earned its name, “fairsing,” which means abundant in Irish because of the woodlands, ridges that cut across the valleys in between, and perennial streams. Over 200 acres of harvested forest land were acquired by Fairsing Vineyard in the summer of 2005. By the end of 2006, a vineyard around 18 had already been planted and trellised. The estate had to plant five extra acres annually to attain the current 38 acres of Pinot Noir and 5 acres of Chardonnay. 

We care for this land with sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices to ensure future generations can also enjoy its beauty and share in its bounty.”– Mary Ann and Mike McNally

Geographically, Fairsing Vineyard stands tall in the sloped hills of Yamhill-Carlton AVA and is among the best in the region for crafting delicious Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

One of the Most Panoramic Views of Willamette Valley looking East from Fairsing Vineyards  

Exquisite wines from the vineyard pair excellently with the magnificent scenery of the Willamette Valley. Perched atop NE Laughlin Road, Fairsing Vineyard provides a breathtaking panorama of the Cascade Mountains.  Even on the gloomier days, there is an infinite sky and many woods, ridges, and streams can be explored, which is a delightful picture, even with the soggy, dismal Oregon sky.

 As different clones are selected each year to produce unique wine, this is an ideal location to visit because it is unlikely that many visitors find such unique and excellent wine productions back home. 

Congrats to Fairsing for coming in second in the best wineries in Willamette Valley for incredible views!

3. White Rose Estate | A Sprawling Hilltop View

Couple celebrating at White Rose Estate with view of the Willamette Valley in back
Couple celebrating at White Rose Estate with view of Willamette Valley in the background | Image via Wine History Tours

White Rose Estate is a modest, artisanal winery that produces about 3,500 cases annually. White Rose thrives in crafting whole cluster Pinot Noirs by hand, aiming to showcase the expressive and specific characteristics of classic Pinot Noirs. The impeccable gardens, wide-ranging views of the Willamette Valley, and the warm and inviting tasting room décor take one back to a bygone era.

The wine estate was founded in 2000 when owner and producer Greg Sanders acquired the 10-acre White Rose Vineyard. However, the vineyard was planted in the late 1970s. Over the years, the winery has undergone changes that have developed a unique process for growing, producing, tasting, and pondering Pinot Noir. 

One of the Best Hilltop Views of the Willamette Valley from White Rose Winery

The striking view from the hilltop tasting location makes the White Rose tour and tasting fulfilling. White Rose sits at some of the highest elevations in the Dundee Hills AVA and has unobstructed views to the East and South. 

The tasting room is a unique windowless (to keep the heat from the sun away) that resembles a Hobbit Hole from The Lord of the Rings. In the winter, you can almost imagine Gandalf walking through the wood door roughing and smoking a long stovepipe pipe. The cozy, wood-and-leather décor also makes most people feel like they have entered an attic or log lodge. 

In the summer, the outdoor seating boasts some of the most amazing vineyard views in the valley. The steep drop off from the tasting room to the road and vineyards below accentuate the stunning nature of its panoramic views. 

White Rose Estate’s winery views of Willamette Valley are stunning in all four seasons! 

The welcoming atmosphere and first-rate service by Dago and team make the tasting room an exceptional visit.

4. Cramoisi | The Iconic Willamette Valley View

Cramoisi tasting room in the Dundee Hills
Cramoisi sunset in the Willamette Valley during Fall | Source

Cramoisi began when a married couple discovered a magnificent vineyard property in 2011 that had previously been set up to cherries, hazelnuts, walnuts, and prunes. The discovery marked the beginning of the adventure to establish this exquisite vineyard.

The family was searching the Willamette Valley for a prime location to cultivate Pinot Noir while on vacation. As fate would have it, their route took them up Worden Hill, where they stumbled upon a “For Sale” sign that had escaped them up until that time.  They sold their North Vancouver, British Columbia, home when they relocated to Oregon to devote themselves to their love and passion for farming and winemaking. The first grapes were planted in April 2012. The estate has 7 acres under vine, including over 6 acres of Pinot Noir and nearly an acre of Chardonnay. 

Cramoisi Vineyards, the French name taken from a scarlet colored flower that dots the hillside in summer, uses traditional farming practices that honor mother nature to produce the finest boutique, ultra-premium wines in the Oregon Dundee Hills AVA.

One of the Best Views of Willamette Valley from Worden Hill Road at Cramoisi Vineyard

The vineyard looks out on the magnificent south facing slopes of the Dundee Hills with the Willamette Valley extending as far as the eye can see beyond. 

Of the many amazing Worden Hill views, including Bergstrom, Dusky Goose, and Winderlea, this is our favorite as it perches higher up the hillside and provides a majestically towering view. 

This is one of our favorite Willamette Valley vineyards with a view!

5. Native Flora | A View from On High

Majestic Willamette views from Native Flora Winery
Majestic Willamette Views from Native Flora Winery

Native Flora is a small, serene vineyard and winery in the famous Dundee Hills. The winery was founded in 2005 to produce limited-edition premium estate wines for consumers who appreciate great wine, a captivating story, the great outdoors, and a more personal wine experience.

Scott Flora, co-owner and winemaker, is a self-styled maverick who questions everything and experiments ruthlessly. His vineyard contains north facing slopes that have begun a bit of a renaissance in the valley and his use of sheep to manicure, fertilize and work the soil is also a unique. 

Sheep in picturesque vineyard at Native Flora Winery in the Dundee Hills
Sheep at Native Flora in the Dundee Hills | Photo via Wine History Tours

See Over 80 Vineyards from Atop the Dundee Hills at Native Flora

Visitors are treated to delightful vistas by the plethora of oak trees and hidden hollows as you wind your way up the private drive.

The estate maintains ponds, forests, woodlands, and weeds and invests in colonies of predatory insects. 

Ultimately, it is the North facing views out the bank of windows from their living and tasting room as well as from the covered patio adjacent to the house that prove to be marvelous. If you have a keen eye, or a pair of binoculars, you will be able to count over eighty vineyards viewable from their high and unobstructed views across the Willamette Valley toward Ribbon Ridge, The Chehalem Mountains and beyond. 

6. Resonance Wines | The Coastal Range Up Close

Arial view of Resonance Wines. Spectacular vineyard view in Yamhill-Carlton AVA of Willamette Valley
Resonance Tasting Room in Yamhill-Carlton | Source

The Resonance Winery is situated in the AVA of Yamhill-Carlton in the direction of the tranquil farming village of Carlton, which they established in 2013, on the western edge of the Willamette Valley.

The project’s seeds were sown when Maison Louis Jadot chose to establish its first winery outside of the Burgundy region in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

The Résonance vineyard is a premium site known for yielding the expressive Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Chardonnay wines from the larger Willamette Valley made in a Burgundian fashion. The tasting room at Résonnace Vineyard, perched on a gentle hillside, is exquisitely beautiful.

View of the Cascade Mountain Range from Resonance Winery
View of the Cascade Mountain Range from Resonance Winery | Image Source Wine History Tours

Willamette Valley Best Views from Résonance Wines

Over the years, Résonance Vineyard has developed a quite interesting tasting room. The tasting area seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment, mainly the woodland, offering a breathtaking view of the Coast Mountains and other wine-growing farms. It is among the top attractions in Oregon and among the most picturesque spots you will ever view. 

(Visitors might also want to visit the new smaller tasting room in the Dundee Hills, which is not what we have reviewed above.) 

7. Alloro Vineyard | The Willamette Tuscan View

Willamette Valley best vineyard views: Alloro
View of Alloro Vineyards | Source

Alloro vineyard was established in 1999. The vineyard occupies 34 acres and is located in the Chehalem Mountains AVA’s west-to-east southern face of Laurel Ridge. 

It produces different varieties of grapes including Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. The Nebbiolo gives a nod to the Italian heritage and inspiration of their site, which looks like Tuscany both because of its natural rolling hills and its Cyprus trees planted in the Italian fashion.  

At an elevation of 450 to 700 feet, the estate’s LIVE Certified Sustainable property has thick, wind-blown loess topsoil on decomposed basalt; creating the perfect environment for dry, sustainable farming..

An Italian Feel from One of the Best Willamette Valley Views at Alloro Vineyard

Visiting Alloro’s serene environment is like to going to a Tuscan farm. It takes around thirty minutes to drive from Portland to the vineyard and tasting facility, which is situated outside of Sherwood and Newberg, Oregon. 

Alloro offers an exquisite and picturesque lengthy road that leads past laurel and cypress trees to breathtaking views of Baker Creek. 

The vineyard’s new tasting room and facility is also Italian in its look and feel. One can experience expansive views and a well-stocked kitchen perfect for staff harvests banquets and winery dinners as well as tasters looking to have a little wine country food with their tasting

Alloro is one of the Willamette Valley wineries with best views. 

8. Domaine Divio | The French Countryside View

Domaine Divio sunset view of Dundee Hills
Domaine Divio sunset view of The Dundee Hills | Source Wine History Tours

Domaine Divio was established in 2012; four years later, in 2016, winemaker Bruno Corneaux and his partner André Weil established a new venture with vines situated near the Oregon city of Newberg. The University of Dijon is where Bruno Corneaux earned his master’s degree in viticulture and enology thus gaining vast experience in winemaking. 

Bruno grew up as classmates with Veronique Drouhin, the famed co-owner and winemaker at Domain Drouhin, which is a property of her family’s French company Joseph Drouhin. It was her persistence in telling him he needed to visit and come out to the Willamette Valley that initially persuaded him to migrate and work on Willamette Valley wines. 

Bruno has often said he purchased the property where the Domaine Divio tasting room and vineyards are located because the view reminded him of the area around his hometown near Beaune in Burgundy. 

Best Willamette Vineyard Views from Domaine Divio Estate

When visiting Domaine Divio, you can enjoy the stunning views of Ribbon Ridge AVA as well as the white steeple church and the Dundee Hills AVA to the South. You’ll want to visit because of the cozy atmosphere of its tasting room, the welcoming hospitality of its employees as well as Oregon wines with a strong Burgundy influence.

This is one of the best wineries in Willamette Valley with spectacular views.

9. Brynn Mawr Winery | Epic South Valley Views

Willamette Valley vineyard view at Brynn Mawr
View of Brynn Mawr vineyard with valley views in background | Source

Bryn Mawr Vineyards is a picturesque wine estate planted on four acres with long-established Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Tempranillo vines. Jon and Kathy Lauer acquired the property in 2009. They partnered with winemaker Rachel Rose to expand the range of wines produced by the vineyard and planted vibrant Riesling, Dolcetto, and Pinot Blanc vines, sprinkling in a bunch of fresh clones of their old favorites. 

They expertly produced wine for eight seasons. At last, the much-anticipated winery building was completed in 2018, and in 2019, a brand-new tasting room was set up and open to the public.

The estate’s vineyard and winery, which are LIVE certified, are perched on one of the steepest and windiest hills in Eola-Amity Hills AVA. The staggering vista that extends from the Coast Range to the Cascades is provided by these breathtaking heights.

One of the Best Views of Willamette Valley from Eola-Amity AVA at Brynn Mawr Vineyards

The Vineyard presents the few avenues to follow the valley floor’s winding path and the multiple hills that rise to the fascinating Van Duzer Corridor. 

A magnificent vista of the valley stretches out to your right as soon as you step into the sampling patio. In the distance, your eyes can even make out the wide chasm that separates the two sides of the valley. The natural corridor penetrating through the coastal ridge attracts mild, relaxing ocean winds, which are a major factor in the exceptional performance of the area viticulture with cool climate grape varieties. 

Enjoying breathtaking scenery, visitors can warm up by the fireplace in their pleasant interior on colder winter days. We highly recommend Brynn Mawr in the South Willamette Valley for its spectacular views and unique geography and location. 

10. Duke's Family Vineyards | The Great Escape

Sunset view at Duke's Family Vineyard in Eola-Amity AVA
Arial view of Duke's tasting room and vineyard | Source

Dukes Family Vineyards is located in the Willamette Valley wine region, in the northern part of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. The lowest areas of the vineyard were planted in 1996 with regular nine-foot rows and four-and-a-half-foot in-row spacing on sedimentary soils. 

However, Dijon clones 115 and 777 were planted on two acres of recently established vineyard blocks 2017.

Each of Dukes Family Vineyards’ handcrafted wines is produced in a winery that was resurrected from the 1870s. Essentially, every sip of the Eola-Amity Hills AVA vineyard shows its subtlety and distinctive qualities. As most of the fruit used in their wines is grown on the estate, an effortless winemaking process helps preserve the fruit’s essence. Moving forward, the wine is guaranteed to be a great experience whether you share a bottle with loved ones or match it with your favorite dish.

A Hidden Valley Off the Grid with some of the most Serene Winery Views in Willamette Valley

The Duke’s Family Wines tasting room has a south-westerly view through rolling hills and over an artificial pond with ducks and other wildlife. The serenity of this view makes you feel like you could be anywhere in the world enjoying the best nature can give you. If the weather is perfect, you might stay in one of their outdoor chairs for half the day, musing and daydreaming to your wine-lover heart’s content!


11. Penner-Ash Cellars | Across the Valley View

The spectacular views of Penner-Ash winery
View of Penner-Ash with view of Ribbon Ridge in Background | Source

In the Northern Willamette Valley’s Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Penner-Ash Wine Cellars was founded in 1998 by Lynn and Ron Penner-Ash. The couple’s goal of being popular in the valley for their rich, complex Pinot Noir and community leadership was accomplished after years of hard work and steadfast dedication.

Barely a year after construction started in 2003, the winemakers processed their first vintage on-site in 2005 at the winery. The vineyard partnered with the Jackson Family wines portfolio in 2016, establishing a new relationship based on a shared passion for the region and unwavering commitment to wine excellence. 

Drawing from long-term partnerships with neighboring grape growers and friends, Penner-Ash consistently sources grapes from outstanding vineyards within the Willamette Valley sub-AVA region.

One of the Best Views of Mt. Hood across the Willamette Valley 

The estate sits on terrain with diverse plant life; thus, the experience of looking out over the estate’s vegetation is unique. They have a beautiful view from their fruit, flower, and vegetable garden. Planting it concurrently with winery construction enhanced the picturesque biodiversity scene within the winery.

In the end, however, it is the stunning view across and down the valley with Mt. Hood standing out clearly and vividly in all its glory that makes this location truly unique and breathtaking. This is truly a standout Willamette Valley vineyard.

Conclusion | Willamette Valley Best Winery Views

Are you planning a trip to the Willamette Valley?

If so, hopefully, this article provides a sneak peek into wineries with scenic views guaranteed to be magnificent! As the post points out, there is a visual feast practically wherever you look, with vineyards weaving an embroidery of color among snow-capped mountains, pastoral landscapes, and broad valleys.

If you are into photography or Instagram, you’ll undoubtedly have a field day with these best winery views in Willamette Valley!

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