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Oregon Wine Tours

Willamette Valley Wine History Tours

Experience the best that Oregon has to offer with these exclusive tour options that are guaranteed to take you deeper into the Oregon wine story.

Your driver will be an award-winning author, graduate school professor, and Pinot historian. He will travel with you and make sure you learn all of the fascinating things about Oregon and Pinot noir that we love as well as just about anything else under the umbrella of “World History” you could ever hope to know.

Each trip will be customized based on the unique needs of our customers. Our tours are priced at four wineries per day with a lunch allowance at one of Willamette Valley’s cult sandwich shops.

Your transportation is a BRAND NEW plug-in hybrid Volvo XC90 with all the trimmings (double moonroof, Bowers and Wilkens sound system and more)—because those who love history and wine alike deserve a car built for adventure!

Take a look at the tours below and book what fits best. We will then contact you in order to finalize the itinerary!

What’s included: planning services, guide, transportation, and water. 

What’s not included: lunch, gratuity and tasting fees (often waived with a purchase or club membership. 

Willamette Valley

Best of Everything

1. History   


3. Wine   

4. People

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Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley Early History

1. Oldest Vineyards 

2. Oldest Wineries 

3. Deepest stories

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Oregon Wine Tours

Newer History and Developments

Trace the evolution of the valley and the cult figures who have made it one of the top wine regions in the world!

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Winemaking diversity

Winemaking Diversity and Equity

Learn about the history of Willamette Valley while meeting the women and people of color re-writing the story of winemaking in the valley.

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Pinot Noir

AVA Specific

1. Travel to four different AVA’s all in one day! (Dundee Hills, Ribbon Ridge, Yamhill-Carlton, Chehalem Mountains).  

2. See some of the most historic wineries while also tracing the beautiful landscape that unfolds from one viticultural area to another.

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