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Wine Country Gift Baskets and Wine Gift Bag Ideas

basket full of wine corks

Wine Basket Ideas for Creating Your Special Wine Lover Gift


Whether a care package, Father’s Day gift, Christmas wine box, or gift for another special occasion, we love helping people think through wine country gift baskets!

The items below are our favorites (usually with a touch of flare and beauty) and connected via our associates account at Amazon. 


Take a look and see what you think of our Top 10 Wine Gift Bag ideas!!🍷

Stemless wine glasses can often be the “cheap wine glasses” people have that are unbreakable, plain, and don’t allow much room for getting the nose on a wine.

These beautiful glasses from Rovsya are the stemless glass option for the wine enthusiast. They keep the elegance and style of normal stemware (in a Burgundy glass shape) while also providing the convenience and slightly less breakable advantages of stemless wine glasses. 

Click on the image below or header above to see the reviews on these glasses or purchase online. 

(Bonus feature: These glasses come in a very appealing box, which is perfect for being gift wrapped and surprising your wine lover

At Wine History Tours, we are pretty picky about our wine keys or corkscrews. 

As such, the Coutale Sommelier wine key below is one of our favorites. It has a wonderful weight to it and beautiful wood grip. The foil cutter is nice and easy to use while the two stage waiters corkscrew feature is simple and effective. 

Want a very elegant wine opener to give as a gift, look no further than the one we have selected below. 

Bonus: The size of these along with the crafty wood gift box makes this a great stocking stuff or for grouping in Wine Country Gift Basket. 

We love our cheap rubber wine bottle stoppers, but we love these high quality and elegant wine bottle toppers from Wotar.

These toppers preserve and help keep your wine fresher longer while also making opened bottles look clean, new and fresh!

As before, the size and packaging of these toppers make them ideal for wine country gift baskets or stocking stuffers where small unique items are a must.

The header and image below both lead you to the products, its reviews and more details online. 

Okay, so you might be asking, “Isn’t this a blanket and not a wine product?”

Well, you’d be right in some sense, but we’ve learned over time that having something to sit on or wrap around yourself in a cold tasting environment is essential for wine enjoyment!

This is one of our favorite. Pendleton and wine go hand in hand (there’s a story about the owners of Dusky Goose having sheep whose wool goes to Pendleton) and our Northwest climate pairs amazingly with this throw blanket. 

If you are creative, use the blanket to create your wine gift bag and tie it at the top to finish it off, or leave it in its original packing and make it a part of your wine-themed gift.

We are pretty skeptical of wine tumblers just like we are skeptical of stemless wine glasses. 

This tumbler from Yeti, however, makes us excited for taking our wine on the road for our next adventure!

With amazingly warm and happy color options and the precision quality Yeti is famous for, your loved one will be over the moon seeing this show up at your wine picnic, in your wine country gift bag, or under the Christmas tree. 

Side note: We really LOVE this yellow color that makes us feel happy and sunshiny (even if it is the dead of winter).☀️😎

Have you ever spent half of the time it takes you to drink a glass of wine trying to strain fruit flies from your glass of wine? 

We understand that it is “protein,” but having fruit flies swimming in your wine is also gross. 

These simple “Bev Hats” allow your wine to breathe while keeping the bugs out. 

Simple and easy to use, this might be the most unique and can’t miss item for your wine gift bag. 

Try picking up the original wine suitcase if you can afford a slightly high-end gift. This suitcase not only makes traveling with wine fun and easy, but it also makes a unique wine gift bag of sorts that you can fill with other knick knacks or smaller gifts. 

Click on the image below to learn more about the wine suitcase.

What better item to add to your wine gift basket than the original Coravin?!

The Coravin allows you to reach into a bottle and extract wine without pulling the cork or exposing the wine to oxygen. You can read more by clicking the image, but this is a wine lover’s dream gift.🙌🍷

There are a few other options and extra cartridges you can buy, but in the end, we feel like this is an ideal wine country gift basket gift for any occasion and not just the “Father’s Day” that many seem to relegate it to. 

This leather wine bag from Tilvini is classy from start to finish! 

Nobody expects to get something this nice as a gift, but it is a perfect way to say, “I see you my wine lover friend!” 

Give it by itself or include other gifts inside, but make sure to look online to see how superior this wine bag is to cheaper bags. 

P.S. Once you see this bag, you’ll begin to notice how many quality features and little touches it has to make you excited to fill it with some favorite bottles and take them with you. 

After looking at many others, we decided on this wine decanter from Le Chateau. 

It is simple, elegant, and performs at a superior level because of its design and the ratio of wine to oxygen in the bowl of the decanter. The top, additionally, allows for easy pouring without spilling. 

Open up a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and let it open up in this affordable wine gift bag item. 

And that’s it! 

Our Top Ten Wine Country Gift Basket ideas!!

Conclusion: Making Your Wine Country Gift Baskets

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